Saturday, February 23, 2008

A quiet afternoon

I am lucky enough to be able to run my business and do my etsy shop at the same time. The store (Bella Casa) has been steady but quiet today. The sunshine had been teasing me to come out and play all day but unfourtunately it is a inside work day. I have been working on updating my etsy shop today. They had a break down for most of the morning but things seem to be running smoothly now. 

The baby had been like a mexican jumping bean today. I can look at my stomach and see it rolling from side to side- it is almost a surreal experience! I am excited a friend of the family is coming to town and I get to babysit their little boy tonight. It will good practice for the coming months.

I am always trying to come up with new ideas for my shop and lately I have moved away from the resin spoons and more into a higher end with sterling silver spoon handle and fork head bracelets. I have had a lot of positive feedback from family, friends, and etsiers so far. They are a bit time consuming because there are so many steps from beginning to final project. First have to cut off the handles to the correct length, heat treat, drill, holes, file, hammer to shape, polish, and assemble but I must say the end result is quite beautiful. 

This blog is starting out pretty random, it may take me some time to find a niche that works and flows but I will get there.

My life has been in a number of transitions lately. My finance and I are currently living with my parents because our house is under a drastic remodel. My kitchen and living room were gutted, but today the new drywall is being tapped and mudded and the cabinets should be ready to install on weds. It is a bit frustrating because I have that "nesting" urge and I can't get into my own house and start cleaning and preparing for the baby! We just finished the basement remodel so it seems my life has been "under construction" for the last 3 months. The anxiety it subsiding a little bit because I can see the end in sight-finally. 

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