Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Sunshine

Oh what a beautiful day. Spring is coming! I woke up late this morning well not really late because I didn't have to be to work unitl noon. I am still staying at my parents house which has been fine but I am so ready to get back into my own house. My dad and I spent all day sunday cleaning, organizing, fixing, etc at the house. It feels so good to be over there and the end is finally in sight. Everything has a place now. It is like moving in all over again but some how it feels more real this time. I spent this morning going through boxes and bags of craft materials that I have acquired over the years. There were lots of those good intention projects-you know the ones you start with good intentions of finish and then they end up in the bottom of box somewhere. I was more discerning this time around about getting rid of things I think is do to the nesting need to clean and purge. I find it easier to let go of a lot of the stuff now. I am so excited though, I now have a designated crafting cupboard in my porch. I can't tell you how long I have waited to have a place that was neat, clean, and organized for all my lovely crafting things. 

Dan, my fiance' is still in Florida and will be for about 2.5 more weeks. I really want to have the house looking perfect when he gets home so we can move in and relax before the baby comes which is coming so fast the count down is around 56 days until the little one arrives. Hoo that is exciting and scary and a bit stressful with all the the things that still need to be done.

I am desperately trying to find the time to delve into more silverware bracelets. I have a whole beautiful box of silver plate silverware. Some is as early as 1900!! They take quite the process from beginning to end. I am hoping I can at least get them started this week.

I love this time of the year. It is like a rebirth for everything. I love to walk around town and see the people out late trying to soak up everylast bit of sun and the kids relishing in the extra day light. I feel like I kind of wake up from a winter slumber and want to pursue new things and go on great adventures. Life is good.

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