Friday, February 22, 2008

A new day..A new challenge

So here I am about to post my 1st blog out into cyberspace with all the other bazillions of blogs out there. 1st things 1st. My name is Erin I live in a small town in Montana where I own a small home furnishings and gift store with my mom and have a freelance graphic design business but my 1st love is creating things. I always find myself daydreaming of projects when I should be doing "real" work. I love to dive in and get my hands dirty, make some mistakes, and have some happy outcomes. I make jewelry from recycled silverware including necklace pendants, sterling silver bracelets and much more. I enjoy oil painting, drawing, scrapbooking... just about anything that involves making something. 

I am pregnant with my 1st child who is due in May. I am engaged to the most genuine, hardworking, loving man in the whole world. I have a cute dog named Chianne who is spoiled rotten, and I have an amazing supportive family.

I am off tonite to have dinner with my honey but there will be much more work on the blog to come.

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