Thursday, April 1, 2010

A blessing a day

My life has taken an exciting turn. Girl Ran Away With the Spoon has really hit the ground running! I started doing parties where people host me in their homes. It has really taken off. I meet so many amazing people. I am thinking it may be time to cut the jobs from 3 to 2! Although I don't think I can decide what not to do. I love them all but Girl Ran Away With the Spoon has really taken the lead.

It is hard to believe April is here and my little baby will be 2 on the 29th of this month! Oh how time flies. I am preparing easter baskets and a bug theme birthday party.

We are having a lovely April shower on this first day of April.

I have some new exciting products in store. I have gotten lots of custom orders for hand engraved bracelets and got a great idea from one of my customers about using her kids' drawings and hand writing on an engraved bracelet. I will posting a listing on etsy where you can see samples.

Well all for now.. back to work I go!

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