Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Shipping and Personalized Bracelets

I am marooned at home today recovering from an appendectomy. It has been a hard lesson for me on learning to slow down a little bit and letting my body recover. I have been pushing the limits lately and am feeling the consequences in my body. So I thought it would be a good day to update the shop and spend some time online.

I have some new products in the shop right now. I started doing custom engraved bracelets with Kids' drawings and names. I take their very own drawing and transfer them onto flattened spoon bowls with a hand engraver. The effect is really cute and those little treasure drawings last forever!

I also have a free shipping promo going on in the shop right now until the 5th of June.


dphelps said...

Little Erin, EVERYONE just loved your bracelets for Christmas. They got the most ooohhhs and aaahhs of all the gifts! I'm so proud of you. I'll be in touch soon to order more :)

Debbie Phelps

My Life said...
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