Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding bells have rung!

Well it is official...I am now Mrs. Daniel Thormodsgard. We had our wedding on Saturday Aug. 22nd at Puping Plant Park here in Miles City. I can't even begin to tell you what a perfect day it turned out to be. After months of planning it went off with out a hitch. The day started out with a few good luck rain drops and then proceeded to warm up I think it got up around 95 or so. Which isn't so bad when they were predicting 100.

I made almost everything for the wedding; flowers, boutineers, favors, cake topper, invitations, etc... So I was very glad that it all came together. I am still waiting on pics from the photographer-She took over 1,200! We even went to the fair and got some on the ferris wheel! I will post a few now and more when I get the professional ones.
I will let the picutres speak for themselves.

Aside from the wedding I have been in a strange transisiton mode. It feels a bit awkward no longer having wedding things to deal with so I have turned my focus back on The Girl Ran Away With the Spoon. I have been registering for craft fairs, drawing up new products, and making things like a factory! It feels so good to have some direction again. A few events coming up:

October 10th~ Harvest Fest Billings, MT
October 24th~ Intro to new line show, Miles City, MT

November 21,22~ Food & Gift Show, Billings MT
November 26,27~Miles City Craft Bazaar, Miles City Centra

December 6,7~ Wesleyan Women Craft Fair, Gillette, WY

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Christian said...

Congratulations Sorella! What a beautiful looking wedding!..I love the shades:)