Monday, August 25, 2008

New Studio!

Oh busy, busy, busy. I can't believe 4 months has gone by. Quinn is huge, happy, funny, and still growing. We recently started remodeling our front porch into my official "work space". I am so excited- a place I can finally call my own. 

The walls are painted "melted butter"-yum! And the accents are cherry red and crisp white. We gutted everything replaced all the windows, walls, door, ceiling, floor... hoo it was a lot of work! But so worth it.

I have been busy trying to get my etsy shop back up and running, organizing my million tubs of craft stuff, doing full time freelance graphic design, working part time doing secretarial work, being a full time mom, housekeeper, chef, etc... Although I have to say I'm slacking on the housekeeping end.

I will post more photos of the room after all the "stuff" is in it. I made a cute curtain for under the desk out of my grandmas old table cloth. Im not big  on roses but the color and pattern are awesome! Still trying to decide on window coverings. Hubby wants blinds (yuck). I was thinking roman blinds or flirty girly curtains. I bought some awesome vinyl from etsy ( you cans see in the photos) from elephannie.

It has been so fun going through all my treasures that were in storage. I think I need to take a break from garage sales for a while (I brought a LOT of stuff home this summer).

More to come. 

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