Saturday, April 26, 2008

When one door closes...

Saturday-Early Evening

Well it is done. We closed Bella Casa for good. Today was our official last day being open. We started our sale the second week in April and were completely liquidated. It is amazing the people you get when a big sale is involved. We came to this conclusion quite rapidly and carried it out quickly and without a lot of fuss. With the increase in demand for my graphic design business, a shaky economy, and a baby on the way it just made sense. I will miss aspects of it but I am looking towards the future with my child and a budding design career (and much more crafting of course). 

I plan on hitting the road and the farmers market towards the end of July with my spoon creations. I am really looking forward to being on my own time schedule-I must admit I feel a little spoiled! After a month or two of being home I am moving into my brand new design office/studio!!! I can hardly wait, it is a little sweet building on the edge of town with a big grassy lot, lots of work benches, and a little porch, and small parking lot. It has been a long awaited dream of mine to have a work space to call my own. I can feel the new ideas coming already! I will also be doing secretarial work (book keeping and such) part time- a girl has to have a little financial security you know.

The baby is getting ready to make its grand appearance any day now. The doctor thinks it will be on the first which would be so cool because that was my grandfather's birthday too. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions and some fatigue. 

My life is in a strange transition-I guess it is true what they say-when one door closes another opens. Good bye to Bella Casa life hello to life as mommy, designer, secretary, crafter, homemaker...I am sure there are a few more hats in there as well. 

Thanks for stopping by my lil ol blog. 

Have a great weekend!

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